Are you looking into fire control panel prices? Many people are because they are in need of fire prevention in condominiums, construction project fire prevention or are cleaning up after a fire with projects like ceiling tiles repair from fire damage.

The estimation of building damage as a result of fire in the United States alone, is astronomical. I would much prefer to get fire alarm jobs for fire alarm installation BEFORE things like that happen.

When you purchase a Mircom fire alarm system, you are actually purchasing some peace of mind. The following features are available on Mircom's FA-1000 Series Fire Alarm Control Panels, one of our more popular systems. These are multi-zone units designed for maximum flexibility and easy installation and operation. Fully configurable from the front panel, the FA-1000 Series enables the user to configure the system to meet their specific requirements

  • Large system capacity
  • Modular design
  • Each Indicating Circuit can be configured as silenceable or non-silenceable
  • Initiating and Indicating Circuits may be individually disconnected by a DIP switch
  • Easy configuration via push buttons and DIP switches on the front panel
  • RS-485 Interface for Multiplex Annunciators
  • Powerful 5 Amp dedicated power supply
  • Configurable UDACT/Digital Communicator
  • True Class A circuit configuration
  • Remote programming capability
  • Remote relay modules
  • Two event history logs
  • Optional City Tie/Polarity Reversal Module
  • Optional modules for internal relay circuits
  • NICET certified and Mircom certified for Fire Alarms

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